Friday, August 15, 2008

Walla Walla Sweet Art

As people from around the country (world?) know, there is one thing the Walla Walla Valley is famous for (aside from its growing reputation for good wine): onions. Yes, the Walla Walla Sweet you enjoy on your sandwich comes from my home, the Walla Walla Valley. Recently the townsfolk (the governing powers that be?) have decided to use local artists to emphasize this claim to fame. Giant onion-shaped...statues?...have cropped up (no pun intended) all over downtown Walla Walla. Each one is different, because each one was given to a different artist to make beautiful. This one was done by a J. Roberts, and features a scene of harvesters in a wheat field, with the familiar foothills of the Blue Mountains in the background. I'll try to get photos of some others for you to enjoy in the future. This one is located in that "urban park" I posted a few pictures from a couple of weeks ago.


Laurie said...

How fun! A blue willow onion!

I love these kinds of public art projects. San Diego is taking part in the Cow Art phenomenon. SD Daily Photo posted a couple of pictures a few days ago.

I like that brick wall behind the blue onion. Great contrast.

babooshka said...

The world is a great bog onion then. I love this quirky kind of town stuff. My partner is the local artist, and our town are not as fun as your to get him to do antyhting like this.

Meead S. said...

So artistic! It reminds me taditional Persian arts.
Visit this link

Mo said...

I love this kind of local art. Cool onion.