Thursday, August 28, 2008


Sunny weather is back! Still not up to 100*F like it has been in weeks past, and for that I am grateful. Sun means more people outside, like these folks who are dressed for warm weather. They're standing just a few yards from Main Street (to the right of the photo), and what has caught their attention I will never know. I took this picture because before they were distracted, the woman was showing some artwork (presumably her own) to the gentleman with the dog. She looked very happy, and he very engrossed. Unfortunately by the time I turned on my camera and focused, they had found something very intriguing across the road. The red awnings cover the entrance and patio tables to Coffee Perk, not one of my favourite cafes, but still widely used by college students. to the right, where the onion is painted on the wall, is a walk-up window where you can order Walla Walla Sweet Onion Sausages...or something like that. (I don't eat them, so I wouldn't really know what they are!) Next to that, facing Main Street, is Starbucks. Our Main Street has won several awards for its clean and picturesque Main Street, so I hope to post photos of it one of these days. On the top level of that brick building is the Downtown Walla Walla Foundation office, and a beauty salon called the Bee-Hive.


Laurie said...

I really love all those arched windows on the second level.

Wayne said...

Becky, do they have Walla Walla Sweet Onion ice cream? I wouldn't eat that either.

valeria said...

I enjoyed reading this, Becky. Felt like being there and watching the scene myself. A dive in Walla Walla.