Friday, August 8, 2008


I'm not "signed up" to participate in Skywatch Friday, but since I had this picture, I decided Friday was a good day to post this. This is a glimpse of yesterday's weather, which I would describe as hesitant. It sprinkled a little, shot a few flashes of lightning across the sky, blew a comfortable breeze through the trees, thundered a little, darkened, and brought out the sun for a few moments at a time. I'm not sure the weather knew what it wanted to do today...I kind of liken it to one of those mornings that you can't figure out what to wear. You try a few things - change your shirt, then try all the shirts again with a different pair of pants, then a women out there know what I'm talking about! That's what the weather felt like yesterday. But instead of flustered, as I get when I'm having a "bad clothes day," the weather seemed to be enjoying the uncertainty. As though it didn't need to make up its mind. So it didn't.

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Laurie said...

Now that's a moody looking sky!

(Did you ever figure out what to wear? :-) )