Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mt. Hope

To the west of College Place lies a cemetery on a hill. It overlooks the elementary and high schools, as well as offering a nice view of the university campus. I enjoy visiting here not because I'm morbid or even because I have a loved one buried here. But rather, the name of the hill this cemetery sits on is beautiful: Mt. Hope. I love the simplicity of the name and all that it implies. And the cemetery itself is beautiful as well, and peaceful. Sometimes I take my coffee here and sit and just enjoy the green, the birds singing, and the peace.


Laurie said...

I really like cemetaries, too. I used to sit and have coffee at the Hollywood Memorial cemetary. It was interesting because so many famous people are buried there and you would never know whose headstone you might stumble over. But mostly, the place is just so peaceful and calm with a really pretty duck pond in the center of it and a lot of white buildings with columns.

Hard to beat the name Mt. Hope, though. Thanks for another cool shot today!

Kim said...

Becky, what a lovely setting with all those mature green trees. I can see why the setting is so inviting. I, too, spend a lot of time in cemeteries. Mainly to do research, but I've grown to love the settings and the artwork. This is a lovely scene.
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Anonymous said...

Where I experienced the most romantic kiss of my life . . . and it still brings me Hope. ;)