Thursday, August 21, 2008

Unlucky Day

Today is definitely a greyscale day. It's dark and wet here again today - something I find odd for a place that usually has temperatures between 95 and 105 F through mid-September. So I had to post something that looked a little sad and grey - like this shed that caught my eye yesterday in Milton-Freewater. It doesn't look like it's used for much other than possibly garden tool storage and some wasp homes. But what really caught my eye was how unlucky that building must be. Tradition says that hanging a horseshoe in a U above a door brings good luck to all who pass through the doorway. Hanging it in an "n" shape allows all the good luck to fall out. Is this an omen or a statement about this poor little abandoned shed?


Mo said...

Looks like the luck fell over.

Laurie said...

Wow... the fallen horseshoe really makes this picture, doesn't it? Love the black and white.