Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tour of the Back Roads 2

This week we are touring the back country roads between MF and WW/CP. Yesterday was the beginning of the tour, so check yesterday's post for more information and the first stop. Today's stop is another typical scene along the back roads: livestock. This is a farming community, after all, and animals are crucial to successful farms. Perhaps not as much so as 100 years ago, but most farms still have at least a couple of horses, some cows, and perhaps chickens, goats, or sheep. This horse was huddled behind a large tree, procuring some shelter from the chilly winter breeze blowing snow all around the valley. Check back tomorrow for the next stop on our back roads tour.


Anonymous said...

Horses are very smart. I have seen squirrels and birds do the same thing to get out of the wind.

Bibi said...

Smart they are, but I wonder if he's just a bit cold!

Small City Scenes said...

Horses are ok in most any weather as long as they have a tree to butt up against. MB