Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Going Deeper

Walla Walla recently welcomed a new Thai restaurant, and I have enjoyed it twice now. I intend to enjoy it many more times in the future! The food is superb (I love the yellow curry), and the atmosphere is simple but pleasing. The staff is kind and polite, and going to Thai City is just an all-around enjoyable experience. Plus, you can get one of THESE. It's a "mile-high" (that's what I call it) Thai iced tea. Mmmm! It's light on the top, medium in the midde, and dark on the bottom. As you mix them with the straw, the colour darkens on top and lightens on the bottom until the entire glass is the colour of an orange-tinted mocha. And the taste is to DIE for. Delicious! I love that the glass is so large, too. It's the perfect amount to have with dinner.


Bibi said...

That DOES look good! I'll definitely have one!

The Mom said...

Looks interesting, but I think I'll pass. I like the photo, though. The drink looks cool and refreshing. I just don't care for the flavor.