Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Hills of the Valley

Sounds like an oxy-moron, doesn't it? But really, it's true. This valley is a valley of hills. The cliche "rolling hills" really comes true here in the WWV. This is a view from a hillside on the east side of the valley, looking southeast. Husband and I were geocaching and when I turned around to take a look, this breathtaking view is what greeted me. True, it's not the Tetons, the Alps, or the blue Atlantic, but this area really grows on a person. After over 7 years of living here, I've started calling it home, and it really is beautiful. Just don't ask me in July as I hover in front of the air conditioning unit with a popcicle in each hand.


Boise Diva said...

They look velvety-y.

LSaeta said...

Hi there!
I found your blog from a link from Laurie in South Pasadena's blog. I am an oil painter and am always looking for photos to use as an inspiration to paint. would you mind if I tried some paintings wiht a few of your photos? Thanks.

The Mom said...

Could you imagine being a pioneer traveling through the hills for the first time and seeing nothing but rolling hills? No trees, no grass--might make you wonder why you made the trip in the first place.