Sunday, January 4, 2009

Stormy January

I suppose some would consider this a better picture for Halloween than early January, but oh well. This was taken in January 2008, and it shows what the winter weather is usually like in the Walla Walla Valley. This is an old graveyard my husband and I stumbled upon while geocaching in a wheat field on a hill not too far from our house. It's called Pioneer Cemetery, probably because the graves are all for some of the first people to settle in the WWV. Most of them are illegible by now, and weather (and probably some "helpful" teenagers with nothing else to do) has taken its toll on the stones. You can see the WWV in the background, down at the base of the hill. Tomorrow I'll post a photo of the entrance to this somewhat spooky old cemetery.


Bibi said...

I'm always saddened to see cemeteries fallen into disrepair. (And deplore vandalism, especially in such places.) Someone loved these people, and though they're gone along with those who loved them, we should respect their memory.

Poignant photo.

Wayne said...

Nicely composed Becky.

The Mom said...

It's sad to see history destroyed like that. Good photo.