Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Andy's Market

One of the most popular grocery stores in the WWV is the Adventist-owned Andy's Market in College Place. By far the smallest, the market specializes in health foods, meat replacements, and bulk items. Adventists are well-known for their health message, which involves not eating meat, and just inside the door down that aisle you can see shelves of Adventist-made meat replacement products, made of soy. They are quite delicious - so long as you don't expect them to taste like real meat! What makes this grocery store unique is the fact that it closes during Sabbath hours. This means that half an hour before sundown on Friday (which changes throughout the year as days grow longer or shorter), someone stands outside the door with a large "CLOSED" sign so no one else will try to shop. They don't reopen until Sunday morning. This is a "slice of life" shot...regardless of the quality. It was taken last Friday afternoon.

By the way, some of you wanted to know more history on the abandoned church I posted a few days ago. I have since learned that it belongs to the son of a faculty member at Walla Walla U. He purchased it with the intention of fixing it up as a home, but recently no work has been done to it. Speculations are that it was discovered that fixing it up was going to be a much more involved undertaking than anyone expected. It is a rather old building.


Wayne said...

Thanks Becky, I didn't know any of that.

The Mom said...

It seems that it would be easier and more cost effective to put the sign on a stand in front of the door. I must admit that is a unique method of notifying customers they are closed.

Becky said...

Well if they did that, do you think people would really stop and not go in? I think not. A person they have a more difficult time walking past and ignoring.