Saturday, January 10, 2009

Desert Hills

Previously, I posted photos of Southfork, an enjoyable hiking and biking area just a few miles southeast of Milton-Freewater. It's hard to believe that the beautiful wooded trails along the river there are just a few turns of a road way from flattened fields and desert hills such as these. Most of the WWV is dry and brown. The elevation here ranges from approx. 700 to 1000 feet. Though it is hilly here, it is generally flat, making town biking a breeze. This contributes to the awful summers we have that average out at around 98-100* F (36-40* C). I hope to post photos of the Columbia River someday soon, which just touches the far corner of our little valley before curving off toward the West. The cliffs around that little section of the mighty Columbia resemble larger versions of these desert hills...and are much more picturesque!

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