Tuesday, March 31, 2009


There have been quite a few deaths in this past week and a half, and those are just the people I've heard of. In total, the deaths that have reached me are nearly twenty. One was a plane crash in Montana, killing 14 instantly. Another was the slaughter of a pregnant mother and her teenage son. Still another, the aging mother of two dear friends. I know thousands more have breathed their last on this earth, and I can't know them all. Perhaps many reading this post today have experienced a loss recently. Or maybe one that feels recent because the pain is so fresh. In memory of these loved ones lost until our Christ comes again, I post a shot of a memorial placed on Mt. Hope, a cemetery located on a hill on the western edge of College Place. I don't know who these adorable animals were placed here for, but may they represent the thoughts and memories all of us hold dear of so many we have had to bid goodbye. May they never be forgotten.


The Mom said...

It's sad to lose someone that you love, and we all must face it at some point in time. It is even more painful when that life is snuffed out early, either by disease or accident or criminal activity. Regardless, it's a blessing to know that our loved ones who die in the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ will not long be parted from us. We will see them again.

Small City Scenes said...

What a sweet post, Becky. May all be remembered. MB

Kim said...

Very lovely post, Becky.