Tuesday, March 17, 2009


It's lunchtime in downtown Walla Walla, and the business folks are heading out to their favourite lunchtime diner of choice for a bite to eat before tackling the afternoon. These folks are waiting at the corner of Main Street and Second Avenue in front of Baker Boyer National Bank's main Walla Walla building. There are a lot of bank buildings in towntown Walla Walla, and all of them seem to be on this corner! They are beautiful buildings, that's for sure. Also, note the green street sign and lamppost - just perfect for St. Patrick's Day!


John said...

Perhaps they're on their way to Merchants?

I'm sure EVERYONE else in the valley is familiar with Merchants; the deli just about a block away from BBBank. But I just 'discovered' it a couple weeks back. Great food, Nice staff and fun atmosphere.

... and the prices are convenient too!

Jacob said...

Are you kidding? Do people in Walla Walla actually wait for a light to turn green? Yikes!

Becky said...

Not all...but some. :) I must admit that typically I fall into the category of those who don't. But then...you must be careful of doing so in front of a police car. :)