Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Save Faith

Some of you may remember an earlier post I did of a stone about this size and shape that I discovered in the crook of a tree on the Walla Walla U. campus. That one read simply: "Pure." This one I recently discovered sitting on top of a walkway light in a different part of the campus. I don't know who is writing these or why...and how they're choosing where to place them. But they make me smile. And I don't even know their meaning.


Small City Scenes said...

Their meaning is doing exactly what it should---making you smile.

I love finding things placed around and on purpose. MB

cieldequimper said...

i can see why they make you smile!

John said...

I think I would smile too... if I found one.

I love your pictures, are you a WWU student too?