Monday, March 30, 2009


I love this time of year! The daffodils are finally showing themselves after a long summer and winter of rest. These flowers don't last long...just a few I enjoy them immensely while I can. They are often the second bursts of colour to announce the arrival of spring in the WWV. The first are crocus plants, which are usually different shades of purple, and tulips closely follow these yellow beauties. Then the lilacs will bloom, and the dogwood trees, and finally, at the very end of spring, as we dash right into summer, the roses. I'll make sure to capture each of these as they happen...welcome to Spring in Walla Walla!


Day4plus said...

Ah, Daffs. Mine are just coming up but should bloom soon. The crocus are great though.

Love the old stately houses. You are right we a just babies compared to Europe and other countries. MB

The Mom said...

I love hyacinths the best because of their fragrance. I've not had much luck in getting bulbs to sprout lately, so I don't get to see the beautiful colors.

Nice photo...where was it taken?

Becky said...

Outside my office, actually! :) I might trim a few to grace my desk next week.