Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Purple Beauty

I couldn't resist another spring shot. I'm so excited to see the first bulbs proclaiming life exists beneath the damp and rotting last-year foliage. These are crocus plants - always the first to show their true colour in the spring. Once you see your first crocus of the season, you know it's officially springtime. I love that there are two yellow ones daring to be different on this beautiful purple plant. The colours together are stunning.

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The Mom said...

Purple...one of my favorite colors. I always said that I would never wear purple because my kids told me, "Only old ladies wear purple." Well, I am old, so I guess it's okay to wear purple! Even my car is purple!

I love the photo of the flowers. It's like the ground is shedding off the brown of winter and decorating itself with the colors of spring. Lovely!