Monday, December 22, 2008

Invisible Growth

Icicles are fascinating. You go to bed one night in your normal house, and then in the morning when you look out the window, here they are! I know how icicles form, but it's nearly impossible to watch them do it. They grow persistently, silently, and next to invisibly. But they are beautiful, aren't they? These are small ones (about 8-12 inches long); we have one on the corner of our house that is about 3 feet long. I love them! When I was little, my sisters and I used to break them carefully off of the eaves of our home and stash them in the freezer for warmer weather. It was fun to pull out icicles and "fence" with them in May or June.

More photos of this crazy weather to come...last night around 7:30 it was still snowing and we had 20 inches. I'll re-measure today and let you know what it is now. It's at least 2 feet, I'd bet.


Small City Scenes said...

They are cool (no pun intended or....) looking. I posted a similar Dec. 19th. MB

christina klas said...

gorgeous!... We've got some great icicles hanging around our house too but I have yet to post them!

Merry Christmas

Bibi said...

I love icicles, too, but am leery of walking under a row of them, lest I be punctured by a falling one! I guess mushrooms are the only other slow-growing thing I can think of.

babooshka said...

Death my icicle. Sounds like a case for CSI. It's so beautiful but Bibi now has me thinking