Monday, June 15, 2009

Little River

Over the weekend, husband and I went on a short walk next to the Little Walla Walla River. We intended for it to be a longer walk, but of course the sun came out (before and after the walk it was overcast and cooler), and we kept getting stickers in our shoes. We took our dog, and she went for a dip in the water (unintentionally, but she liked it). This little portion of the LWW River passes through northern Milton-Freewater. There is a fence to the right, up the hill from what you see in this picture, but off to the side of the fence is a dirt "road" of sorts that leads straight down to the water. Not sure what they hope to accomplish with the fence. The bridge you see back in the distance is the bridge that this painting I showed you a while ago is on. It's a beautiful piece of artwork!


cieldequimper said...

I can't imagine I've missed this!

The Mom said...

Looks like it would be rough walking. It's a beautiful little river.