Monday, June 8, 2009

The Burger Hut

For a while now my husband and I have been wanting to try out this little place in Milton-Freewater. It's near (as in, across the street from) the high school, so I'm sure during the lunch hour this place is packed! They sell everything you'd expect from a burger place: burgers of various kinds, pop, milkshakes, fries, onion rings, ice cream, etc. But they also have fish sandwiches, grilled cheese, mozzarella sticks, nachos, and more. Though I wasn't terribly impressed with The Burger Hut, it wasn't a complete waste of money or time. Unfortunately we weren't able to try a burger because they don't have vegetarian options, so we settled for onion rings and mozzarella sticks. The sticks were pretty good, but the onion rings left a little to be desired. The service was great, though, and we got our order very quickly...though that could be because we were one of two people there.


Jacob said...

Looks like a nice place. Interesting that you have the same problem Lois Anne has -- finding vegetarian options!

I would think the Burger Hut could at least offer a veggie burger!

Becky said...

I must say that everywhere in America is a hundred times better about that than Europe is. Vegetarians either ingest massive amounts of carbs every meal, or starve. It's curry, sandwiches, or pasta if you go out to eat in London. The vegetarian lifestyle is still a very new thing to them.

The Walla Walla Valley is actually one of the best places I've been for vegetarian options, because of its high population of Seventh-day Adventists. They're a Christian religion whose health message includes recommending the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Most restaurants here cater to that large portion of the population and offer at least one vegetarian dish on the menu. Apparently the Burger Hut hasn't had that high of a demand yet.