Saturday, June 6, 2009


Could this beautiful male Mallard be the father of the babies from yesterday's post? It's possible...but there are plenty of ducks in the park. This guy was waiting around near the table where we were eating at the park, in hopes that we'd take pity on his quite obviously "starving" self and drop some food. We didn't, and he gave up. It's hard to refrain, but if you feed one, you'll soon have a crowd of them honking and quacking around you, and it starts to get oppressive. I love the little curl in this one's tail.

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Jacob said...

Very nice shot. I probably wouldn't have noticed the tail if you hadn't mentioned it...very cute. I don't think I've seen such before!

P.S. He may be the daddy of a bunch of little duckies! And that may be why he needs more food!