Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Snake Grass

Do you have this where you live? I don't know the scientific name for it, but I grew up calling it snake grass, so that's what I know it as. Each of the segments you see comes apart fairly easily, and then goes back together. The joints, loosened by being pulled apart, move more easily, and you can make the grass slither like a snake. It also sounds a little bit like a rattle snake when the breeze blows through a clump of this stuff. Its texture is rough and ridged, not at all smooth. I've often thought it resembles bamboo, just not as smooth, and definitely not as tall! (This grows to only about two feet tall, max.) Here's a picture of a little clump of snake grass:


Small City Scenes said...

Kinda neat picture. It is also called Horsetail (Equistum hyemale) and grows in wet areas. I never heard it called snake grass. The bushy type is called mares tale.

cieldequimper said...

Never seen anything like it!

The Mom said...

I haven't seen any snake grass for quite some time. Guess I just haven't been walking in the right places!