Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Place to Rest and Read

I've been showing a lot of fall colour shots recently, but I can't help it! The leaves are very quickly deserting their posts and very soon...too soon, perhaps...there won't be any colour left to show. So I've been focusing on that, and I hope you don't mind my unofficial "Colours of the Walla Walla Valley" series. This shot was taken in front of the Walla Walla U. library. The bench was donated by the class of 2008. I love the colour, and all the leaves caught my attention.


The Mom said...

I see you are using the British spelling of "colors" (colours). Fall is such a beautiful season. We've seen some really gorgeous trees, especially those with bright red and orange leaves. God's handiwork at it's best!

Bibi said...

Can't go wrong with a good autumn leaf photo! I'd like to sit there.

England Vacations said...

A good place to sit and watch the kids play in the leaves, it is funny to see how much fun they have with just a few leaves.

Migs CFL fan said...

Simply fantastic photo. I love how the leaves surround the bench, well done. And thank you so much for the comments you made on my blog, comments like that make it all worth it.