Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stepping Back in Time

I don't know what kind of car this is, because I'm not a car buff, nor am I a history buff, but I thought it was so cool! My great-uncle had a Ford Model A when I was a young girl, and when we'd visit him on his acreage in Michigan during the summer, he'd take us for rides and let me honk the horn: Aaahh-OOOOO-guh! It was black and looked quite different from this car, which I woudl guess is a bit newer than a Model A. Anyone know what this is? I spotted this when I went to get my hair cut at a great place called Above and Beyond, which is located above a local deli named Merchant's. Though Merchant's faces Main Street, you get to Above and Beyond by parking behind the buildings and climbing the back stairs. There may be a front entrance, but I haven't discovered it yet!


Laurie said...

I'm no car expert but that looks like a late era model A to me. Maybe someone will fill us in!

It's a beauty. I love that blast of bright color.

The Mom said...

As much as I appreciate the antique automobiles, they just don't have the comfort of today's vehicles. Your great uncle's Model A was green, rode very rough, and you couldn't even talk to each other because it was so noisy. And no air conditioning, of course, made it unbearable in the middle of a Michigan (humid) summer! But it was still cool to be able to ride in it.