Friday, September 12, 2008

New England Vacation #3

Staying on the water theme...and actually, the ocean and Atlantic themes, as well, today's photo features my handsome hubby enjoying the view from near Two Lights State Park in Maine. There is a lighthouse to his left and up on a hill, and a sea vessel warning horn behind the camera. It sounds two medium-length tones at regular intervals out across the water. I'm sure it can be heard for miles. The sea gulls here are large and somewhat different from our West coast gulls. And there were a lot of them! I didn't disturb them too much, but I did encroach a bit on their roost. The sandpipers and plovers scattered as I approached, but the gulls eyed me wearily from a distance. The "rocks" you're seeing are actually large pieces of petrified wood. I couldn't believe was so solid! It's also quite beautiful, if you ask me.

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Laurie said...

So lovely. I am used to the Pacific coastline so it's always fun to see the East Coast.