Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dollhouses 2

There are two roundabouts in this Doll-house Place. One of them goes around a clock tower (which I will show you tomorrow), and the other goes around this attractive gazebo. I have never once seen this gazebo being used for anything, but it sure is nice to look at! In this shot you can also get a brief glimpse of the style of the houses in this neighbourhood. I'll get you some better shots soon. Hopefully you'll agree that they look like doll houses, so you don't think I'm crazy!

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Laurie said...

Oh how charming! A couple needs to be performing the scene from Sound of Music where Leisel and Ralph kiss for the first time. (I can't remember the song they dance to... must get more coffee today...)

I think the houses look like dollhouses, too. What are the like inside? Did the architects carry over the cottagy look inside, too?