Monday, September 8, 2008

Dollhouses 3

Once, while walking through this neighbourhood, I found the metal door to this clock tower open. Glancing around, I walked up to it to see if I could get in the wooden door, too. Disappointingly, it was locked. Bummer. I might have had quite a shot of the neighbourhood from inside this tower! Behind this shot is Myra Road, the one being extended to connect both highways. On the other side of it is Fort Walla Walla, of which I will show you some photos soon. To the right of this shot is a small subdivision called Hawk Hill, which contains some of the largest homes in the area. They are ridiculously large, but they have lots of windows to enjoy the beautiful views I'm sure they have. This photo is of the first roundabout in this neighbourhood. The second goes around the gazebo I showed you yesterday.


Barbara Rahal said...

nice!! so peaceful!...where exactly is walla walla??..Im curious now got to go look!

Olivier said...

c'est magnifique, une barbie maison, on dirait un petit phare.

is magnificent, a barbie house, it looks like a small lighthouse

Team Splashi said...

That is cool photo, I love it.Nice clock tower.