Saturday, July 19, 2008

Still An Icon

In spite of urban growth and cities growing ever more upwards as much or moreso than they grow outwards, Christian churches are still very recognizable and sometimes (as in this picture) quite noticeable as well. I heard several times during my college career that churches originally had steeples to make them the tallest buildings in any city, village, or shire, drawing people toward them and allowing them to stand out from the rest of the area's constructed edifices. This is because back in the day, travelers would not usually go from place to place for leisure. Pilgrimages were probably the most common reason for the "everyman" of the day to travel (though an actual historian would be able to confirm or correct that). This meant heading to a particular city/village/shire in order to visit the local church; nothing more, nothing less. Today, they still stand for the same thing, and they're still just as recognizable...though unfortunately much less noticeable.


Gwyn said...

Welcome to the CDP Family!
Great Post! Keep up the good work.

babooshka said...

You're right still as recognisable over your way as they are in the UK.
Sadly a lot of churhces are now wine bars or nightclubs. Now I 'm religious, but even I think it's a sad states of affairs. Welocme to the cdp. Wonderful shot and text too.