Thursday, July 24, 2008

Black Cup Coffee

Last summer, the Black Cup Coffee Co. opened up in College Place. Ever since, it's been my favourite coffee shop. Their coffee is smooth and strong, not just bitter water like Starbucks' hot coffees. They also only hire very friendly staff. I've only ever gotten a bad coffee there once, and the barista was new, so it was understandable. The owner recognizes regulars like me, and always has a smile and a "How are you?!" ready for me. She also makes the best drinks in the house, and I love it when she's behind the counter! They, like most coffee shops I've been to, sell their own brew, and display it in attractive packaging around the shop.


Mo said...

mm think I would like to have a cup of coffee there.

jill said...

It's always a treat to find a great coffee shop, where the coffee, staff and atmosphere are pleasing.