Friday, July 3, 2009

Skywatch Friday

One of the small towns not too far from the WWV is La Grande, a town of about 12,000 people nestled in the beautiful Grande Ronde Valley of Oregon. This past weekend I traveled there for a wedding which was held at one of the few wineries that have sprung up in this valley. Though the Walla Walla Valley is known for its wine, the grape-growing hasn't spread into the Grande Ronde Valley quite yet, but it's starting to. La Grande is a mere 90-minute drive from the WWV, and is a lovely place to visit all times of the year. Though it does get hot on summer days, the mountains the town is snuggled up against make sunset a lot earlier than most of the state, and the altitude (around 2,700 feet) allows the valley to cool a lot faster than the lower-elevated WWV (we're at between 700 and 1,000 feet, depending on where you are). This is a shot of the sunset on Sunday over the vineyard where the wedding was held. It was a beautiful evening for a wedding.

NOTE: Once again, I find that Blogger has not been publishing my prescheduled posts. It's been happening for 2-3 weeks now. Does anyone have ANY idea how to fix this issue? Am I the only one having trouble with this?

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cieldequimper said...

The scheduling is driving me crazy. If you go to the "known issues" page of blogger (scroll way down your dashboard) you'll see that they have identified the problem since June 18 and it still isn't fixed. There's nothing you can do unfortunately. I'm leaving for Quimper ;-) on vacation at the end of the week and both my blogs will just stay silent although I have enough photos to schedule them. Drives me up the wall.
Back to your photo it's lovely! I drove past La Grande (French settlers must have named the place, and the Grande Ronde) last year on my way from Joseph, OR. to Hood River. I didn't have time to stop but will do next time!