Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Rain

Surprisingly, a place as hot and dry as the Walla Walla Valley occasionally gets rain in the summer. It happened on Monday, in fact. These two girls were walking high and dry across the Walla Walla U. campus under their umbrellas. The small shower we enjoyed cooled off the temperature noticeably. Which, especially since I'm 39 weeks pregnant, is always a good thing in the summer.


Meri said...

Oh gosh -- I remember and sympathize. My youngest was born July 18, the hottest week of the summer that year in Seattle. It was in the 90s or hotter every day that week and University Hospital had no air conditioning, at least on the wing the mother-baby unit was relocated to while they remodeled. The best they could do during our three day C-section stay was provide a fan. I had never before seen my ankles look like the trunk of a giant redwood, but in that heat. . . Take heart, your little bundle of joy will arrive soon!

Jacob said...

We've had so much rain which makes it very hot and humid, but usually the afternoon showers do cool things down.

Which I really appreciate and I'm not at all pregnant!

Won't be long now, will it? Hope all is well!