Monday, July 6, 2009


These flowers are quite prolific around the Walla Walla Valley. They are purple thistles, and although they are quite beautiful, you wouldn't want to pick one! The leaves and stems are covered with sturdy, quite sharp thorns you don't want in your skin. So looking and leaving well enough alone is probably the best course of action with these blooms. These plants are typically considered weeds, but when they bloom they almost make up for it wth the gorgeous colour and unique shape.


cieldequimper said...

I love thistles!

Jacob said...

Can thistles whistle?

Just thought I'd ask. Such a nice photo...we have them here, too, and I always take photos of them...

This is a beauty!

Jacob said...

On, I forgot. Do you know what a little purple thistle calls a big purple thistle?

Thistler's mother.

All right. I'm sorry. I'll go away now!