Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Another photo editing experiment...Above is the original photo. It was taken at Klickers, which I've posted pictures from before, I believe. In the summer they sell strawberries, in the fall it's pumpkins and in winter it's Christmas trees. They also have an antique shop, fruit/veg stand and ice cream parlor, where they sell their homemade ice cream. It's quite tasty. Everything they sell is grown on their farm. These wagons are for use in hauling pumpkins; you pick a wagon, pull it down to the patch, choose your pumpkins and load up the wagons to go back to the shop and pay. They're 20 cents per pound this year. Below are the edited versions of this photo. Which one do you like best - original or one of the edits? And why?

Edit 1

Edit 2

Edit 3

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