Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Storm's A-Brewin'

Today's weather has been interesting. Spring in Walla Walla is never boring - it's best to dress in layers because you never know what the rest of the day will bring - regardless of what the sky looks like when you get up in the morning. Today was no exception; sunny skies in the morning, then grey and overcast, then partly cloudy, then completely dark, then sunny again. And all of this with a constant breeze and bursts of strong winds. There's been a wind advisory in effect all day and it's scheduled to last until 8 p.m. We're used to that here, though...this is a windy valley. Hence the windmills that dot the hilly landscape to the west. Here's a shot of a Main Street corner earlier this afternoon. The wind was blowing, the temperature had dropped to something you'd want to wear a jacket in, and the threat of rain - actually, a downpour! - was intense. Surprisingly, hardly a raindrop fell. At least, so far. The sky was a beautiful grey, though. I just love stormy skies! The building, I believe, houses offices of some sort. I'm not really sure. It almost looks empty from the street. This photo is credited to my sister, who is a better photographer than I, and is my life-long photography buddy. We take driving trips just to take pictures. People probably think we're weird, but we get it from our mom. Mom likes to take trips to shoot photos of water features, churches, and old barns and houses. Thanks for the shutterbug, Mom!


cieldequimper said...

Not much difference with the sky over here! I don't think you realize how many people take drives just to photograph! Or walks! I wouldn't be walking half as much if I didn't have my camera!

The Mom said...

Yep, I love to go for drives and take photos. Glad I was able to pass on some genes that you like! This is an awesome photo; today was much like the one in the photo. When it finally did rain this afternoon, they were big fat drops!