Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rows of Pink

Yesterday I showed you a closeup of one of my favourite springtime beauties: a Dogwood blossom. Today I'll show you what they look like all together. This is a row of dogwood trees in front of some apartments in College Place. Aren't they beautiful?


cieldequimper said...

Yes, they are. It's like fairies are going to pop out!

The Mom said...

Someday, I want to get a dogwood tree for our front yard. Unfortunately, trees can be pricey. A small tree can run anywhere from $100-150.

John said...

Beautiful photo.

you should get the one in front of College Church that is half pink/half white. Gorgeous.

*Yes, I know it's 2 trees planted next to each other.

Jacob said...

Dogwoods are glorious...I just wish the blooms lasted a bit longer. Ours are long gone.

Nice photo!