Friday, October 31, 2008

'Tis the Season

I didn't grow up celebrating Halloween. I've never gone trick-or-treating, and I haven't attended a costume party since I was two. (I dressed as a clown, and was adorable, but don't remember a thing.) Last year some friends invited my husband and I to a pumpkin-carving party. I had never carved a pumpkin before and was super excited. What you see above is my very first attempt - EVER - of creating a jack-o-lantern. Hope all of you have a safe Halloween - and are more creative with your pumpkins than I was.


Bibi said...

You scared me with your title before the photo loaded...I thought you were going to show us a Christmas photo, too early in my opinion!!

Your first attempt at carving looks fine to me in your eerie photo!

The Mom said...

Just for the record, you were 6 months old at your one and only Halloween party, and you wore a clown costume that I had made, including a pointed hat. You were soooooo cute! After that party, we started giving more thought to Halloween and what it stood for and determined that it was not an appropiate holiday for us as Christians to celebrate. So...we didn't!

By the way, your pumkpkin is cute.