Thursday, April 9, 2009


A friend of mine is studying acupuncture at a relatively small school near Seattle, Wash. Last week he came to town for a visit during his spring break, and we had a get-together with several friends in order to enjoy the short time we had with him and his fiancee. During the evening, a couple in the group decided they'd like to experience acupuncture. And, welcoming the practice and the chance to show off what he has learned, my friend agreed. One was given acupuncture in his arm, leg, and head to stave off the headache he felt coming on. Another, shown here, was given a point in her forehead in an effort to help her relax before bed. It was fascinating to watch, and I think both attempts worked exactly as they were supposed to. Well done, I say!


The Mom said...

Ick. I know that acupuncture has its healing values, but I don't like being stuck with needles. If God had wanted me to have needles sticking all over my body, he would have created me as a porcupine!

Braydenblake said...

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