Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Spring Foliage

I saw this carpet of tiny purple flowers as my husband and I were walking our dog through Yantis Park in Milton-Freewater. It's a rather small park, and there were LOTS of other people there with their dogs, so it certainly wasn't quiet. But this little corner was virtually unbothered, and I couldn't pass these little guys up without a photo. I don't know what they are - they'd probably barely fit on the tip of your pinky finger, and they are a ground-cover. Perhaps they are an immature myrtle? Anyone know?


cieldequimper said...

Sorry, I don't know but Becky this is just sooo pretty!

Small City Scenes said...

They are so pretty. I know the name but would have to look it up in my wildflower book which isn't with me at the moment. Maybe Baby Blue-eyes.
Very pretty.
I spent my day up to my knees in the Tulip fields. MB

The Mom said...

Wow! Really pretty flowers.