Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cabbage Hill

I mentioned in yesterday's post that Cabbage Hill can be quite dangerous in winter weather conditions. The post you see in the center of this photo is a reflective post most American roads have alongside them, so you can keep track of the edge of the road in adverse conditions. You will note that an extension (the orange part) has been added to this one; up in the mountains all of the posts have these extensions because they often get so much snow the regular posts can't be seen. Also in this photo you can see the lanes of traffic going UP the hill (we were going down). This road has the distinction of holding the American record for the opposite lanes of traffic being the farthest distance from each other at any given point. I believe the distance (not here, but nearby) is over a mile.


Kaori said...

I would not want to drive these roads in the winter by myself! Amazing view though :-D

chelsie said...

I live in la grande, and honestly these roads are what you get used too. You really have to learn how to drive in the snow if you wanna travel from here in the winter. It's dangerous, treachorous and scary but its my home ! :)