Sunday, October 18, 2009

Les Petites Noirs

Les Petites Noirs is a gourmet chocolate shop in Milton-Freewater. It was featured in a Northwest travel magazine (I can't remember the name of it!) last year, along with chocolate shops in Spokane, Seattle, and Portland. I've visited this shop twice: once over a year and a half ago, and the second time just last week. This time I took pictures. It's a beautifully colourful shop located on Main Street (aka Highway 11) in Milton-Freewater. I hope you enjoy your tour of Les Petites Noirs this week.


John said...

We drove through Milton yesterday. The Boy noticed this shop (apparently for the first time) and says, "Wow! you should buy that house!".

Apparently he was struck by the color scheme.

Becky said...

Well they just painted it a couple of months ago. So perhaps the new colours caught his eye!

John said...

I think they catch the eye of the astronauts as they fly over as well.