Thursday, October 15, 2009

For the Dogs

This is the valley's only animal shelter, the Blue Mountain Humane Society. My husband and I got our dog there, and my sister adopted a cat from them, as well. I am one of those who will never buy a purebred dog because I don't understand 1) why someone would pay that much for a dog, and 2) why someone would pay that much for a dog when there are thousands of dogs that are going to be put to death because people won't adopt them. And yes I feel strongly about this. Though if you really must have a purebred dog, one in four dogs at Human Societies is purebred. The Humane Society does much good for the cause of dogs and cats across the country, and as a dog person, I appreciate any organization that does what it can to save the lives of adorable canines whenever it can. Support your local Humane Society: Donate cat and/or dog food, and adopt from them. They can only handle so many animals, and those that they have are in dire need of a loving home. Stop by today!

For more information on the Humane Society and to find one near you, visit their website at You can save the life of an adorable animal like this one.

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