Tuesday, September 15, 2009

WW Frontier Days #6

The YoYo is one of the few rides I might consider going on at the fair. All of the rides are collapsible - as in they are constructed IN a semi-truck and when the fair is over, they are collapsed and become the truck itself. On some rides you can see the back of the truck at the side of the ride - it's part of the ride's construction! A work of engineering genius, I guess! I'm not much of a ride-rider, but this one looks kind of fun. It doesn't go too fast - at least, not from the ground! I'm sure it feels faster when you're on it. I just liked the colours of the ride, brightened in the setting sun, set against the dark sky.

1 comment:

Jacob said...

Great photo with those colors and that sky!

But, I'll stay on the ground and take photos!