Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Old Theatre

Today's post comes to us from downtown Walla Walla. This is one of the entrances to our Macy's department store, which used to be known as the Bon Marche'. The name changed a couple of years ago across the country. Macy's sells everything from clothing to kitchen gadgets to china to sheets to makeup to accessories to shoes to towels to crystal. They also have a gift-wrapping department where, for a cost, of course, they will gift-wrap your item in a size-appropriate box with beautiful paper of your choosing. This entrance to Macy's opens into the junior section (for teenagers), where the room is curved and the path into the room sloped. The reason for this? The building used to be a theatre back in the day. Long before me, I'm sorry to say. Ever since I've lived here, this has been a Bon Marche'/Macy's. I'm not sure when it became part of a department store, but it's still a beautiful old building and I hope they continue to provide upkeep for the facade.

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cieldequimper said...

Oh thank you! Makes me feel like I'm on Main Street, about to have a cuppa at Starbucks or browse at the bookshop in the "die Brücke" building! I love the old theatre, it was probably the first thing I ever photographed on my first trip to WW on a dark, dark winter day just over a year ago!