Friday, February 6, 2009

Cordiner Hall

I want to get more pictures of this campus on this blog, but for some reason I haven't done it yet. This is the building I am most familiar with on the Whitman College campus: Cordiner Hall. It is their performing arts building, and I have attended performances as well as performing in them myself on several occasions. It's a beautiful building, and the only one of its caliber in the valley. The Walla Walla Symphony performs here each season, directed by Yaacov Baergmann, half-brother to Itzhak Pearlman, the world-famous violinist. The Walla Walla Symphony is the longest continuous running symphony west of the Mississippi River, having celebrated over 100 years of performing a few years back. The Whitman College campus is beautiful - by far the most beautiful university/college campus in the valley (there are three colleges/universities here). I will show more of their campus soon, I promise...and tell you more about the prestigious college itself.

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