Monday, July 18, 2011

Grow Your Own

I am envious of anyone who has worked out space for a home garden. I have wanted one for years but haven't managed to convince my husband that we have a place for one - and we really don't, aside from building raised beds, which I'd like to do anyway. Maybe we'll build them this year and get our garden going in 2012...? The above photo was taken by a multi-talented family man who lives in College Place. I loved it so much I asked him if I could post it on my blog and he kindly obliged. Brenden Koch took this photo over the weekend and it features a bean vine taking full advantage of the twine placed there for its pleasure in his family garden. The garden is quite lovely, and I've enjoyed watching it grow via photos on Facebook this season. Everyone's gardens here in the valley are finally able to grow now that we're getting real summer weather, though it took a while getting here this year!

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Randy said...

That is really a beautiful photograph. I hear you, I want a garden too but I need to find a house first. Have you ever read Urban Farm magazine? They have good website too.