Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Athena Caledonia Games

Another annual event (which is actually a TON of fun) is the Caledonia Games in Athena, a 20-minute drive from Walla Walla. This little town (population approx. 1,300) hosts thousands of people every year for an event that celebrates Scottish heritage, people, and culture. My husband's paternal grandmother had a Scottish name and is red-headed; we've traced his lineage back to a small castle on the coast of Scotland, too! Last time I went to the Caledonia Games in Athena we went to the sheepdog trials and then wandered around the displays and booths. This year we went to the tattoo - a "concert" of sorts of pipe and drum bands. As a percussionist I absolutely loved this event. I highly recommend stopping by this 2-day event that takes place on the second weekend of July every year. Next time I will go and hopefully purchase a bodhran, an instrument I've been longing to learn to play.

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Looks fun!