Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pour Ciel

This post is special, just for my friend Cieldequimper over at Versailles Daily Photo. I told her a week or so ago that the daffodils should bloom in time for her arrival in the valley, and LOOK! Here they are, Ciel! Ready to welcome you home. Happy Spring, everyone (now that it officially IS spring...)


Bergson said...

good choice for <ciel de quimper

Steffe said...

Nice to see. I have seen a few spring flowers this week so spring has made it to Haninge as well.

cieldequimper said...

Oh no!!!! If they are anythign like the beauties over here, they don't last very long and they'll be gone by the time I arrive :-( I guess I'll have to make do with tulips, huh?

I've got a photo that you might like on my other blog. Well, it was yesterday actually: Whitman college!

Merci Bergson ! :-)

Kaori said...

I just cam from Ciel's batch of daffodils to your cute single daffodil! I'm going to have to hunt some up once they start blooming here, too :-D