Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Drive in the Rain

It's easy to do this time of year...go for a drive in the rain. If you're lucky, it will clear before you get back inside and you'll get a glimpse of a rainbow against the darkened sky. This shot was taken on a back-road in Milton-Freewater, amongst the orchards and farmhouses. I love driving in the countryside in each of the seasons for special reasons:

Spring: Everything is turning green and everything looks new.
Summer: It's much cooler among the fields, orchards and plants than it is in the city surrounded by cement, brick and asphalt!
Fall: The apples, pears, cherries, and plums are ripe and colourful on the trees.
Winter: The stark contrast of the dark, naked fingers of trees and vines against the white snow and grey skies is fun to photograph.

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cieldequimper said...

You've put it so well! The joys of every season!