Monday, December 13, 2010

Shopping at the Movies

This is the corner of Colville and Main Streets in downtown Walla Walla. As you can see, the dominant building is Macy's, a well-known high-end department store. I don't shop there much (due to the "high-end" part of that last sentence), but occasionally I like to browse. The store is kind of neat inside, since it used to be a movie theatre. Some of the floors are sloped, the walls are rounded and decorated, and the doors are wider than most store doors. While most of the inside really does resemble a department store, the youth section is very much still in the theatre shape, with a ramp into the section and a step down into the shopping area, with very high ceilings and angled walls instead of just a large square or rectangular room.


cieldequimper said...

First time I was ever in Walla Walla it was so cold, snowy and icy outside that I went in there and browsed for a whole hour just to warm up. I didn't buy a single thing!

Malyss said...

We have such a place here too; A big shop in an ancient movie center; and that gives a special mood while you're shopping.