Thursday, December 16, 2010


While stopped at an intersection on Alder street (one block south of Main Street) in Walla Walla, I snapped this picture through my rainy windshield. I also took a shot of the church you see at the end of the street once we got a bit closer. (No, I was not driving.) As you can see, Alder Street appears to run straight into that church. In fact, Alder Street jogs to the south (right) at the church and continues one block over, effectively ending Poplar Street, which runs parallel to Alder until the street in front of that church, which is called Palouse. Tomorrow, a closer view of that lovely church. (By the way, do you think that guy crossing the street noticed he was having his picture taken?)


cieldequimper said...

Lol he probably did! That's my favourite church in WW. I've got a photo of it zoomed in right from the end of the street, while I was filling the tank on 9th which I believe is also Hwy 11. Right?

Becky said...

It's my second favourite church in Walla Walla. The first is St. Patrick Catholic Church.

Yes, 9th Street is also a State Route (125 I think?) and Hwy. 11.

Kaori said...

He's definately looking straight at you :-)