Sunday, November 8, 2009


This is a downtown restaurant that used to be a train station. When I first came to town for college in 2001, the restaurant was called Jacobi's. About two years ago the owner sold it and it was renamed "The Depot Grill," which in my opinion is a much worse name, but no one cares what I think! Recently it was resold to the original owner, I believe, and it is now Jacobi's again, from what I can tell. However the building still says otherwise, so I'm not exactly sure! This restaurant is an American grill, but they also make pasta. I've only eaten here once, because they don't have a whole lot for vegetarians.

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Caleb said...


this blog is really cool! I'm glad I found it.

Also, I appreciated your posts on my blog I have returned to it, and it would be great to get your opinion on what I should write about.